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 Design  a purposeful life?

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I partner with both women and men who are ready to make big positive ​changes in their lives. 

I help clients develop self-awareness and confidence, resolve core issues, discover their values, get clear on their Why, find their passion, awaken to their inner wisdom, and develop positive habits to lead the happy and fulfilling life they desire, mentally, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

What is your goal for seeking coaching? Please check the section below for more information. Book a session. Email me for a free 15 mins phone consultation.

What is Your Goal? 

"Get Unstuck and Get Moving, Be More Effective"

Book this session to - 

Develop positive and success daily habits; know your priorities; connect with your inner wisdom, and more.

"Discover Yourself, Build Self-Esteem and Confidence" 

Book this session to - 

Break free from limiting beliefs; make values-driven life changes and decisions; develop financial literacy, and more.

"Is Money Controlling You?"

Book this session to- 

Make money work better for you; find and save more money, understand living benefits and build wealth; protect and preserve your money, and more..

"Develop Intentional Relationships"

Book this session to - 

Detox your relationships; connect with yourself and your needs; 

build confidence; develop a fresh perspective on relationships in your life. Make breakthroughs, and more. Whether it’s a personal, intimate, or business relationship.

Contact me now to get the help you need! 

COVID-19 Advisory: Business operations may be affected.

Due to ongoing precautionary measures, coaching sessions are held virtually.

 Please contact the service directly for updated hours and availability.

Super Integrative Wellness Coaching

Silver Spring, MD 20906

[email protected]

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