The Whole Self Approach

When we feel the need for change and or improvement in our lives, not only do we have to assess where we are now but also be ready to graduate old habits, mindsets, thought patterns, negative emotions, bad behaviors, as well as conscious and unconscious beliefs that limit one's potential.

It becomes quite important to let go of old habits, negative people, situations or things that no longer serve your greater purpose in any areas of life, be it in relationships or career, in order to make room for what truly serves your NOW and greater purpose and happiness.


(mind, thought life, self-perception, image)


(emotions, the heart, relationship with self

and others)


(body, health and tangible

things like career, finance,)


(soul, spirit, awareness, self-discovery, connection, higher-self, spirituality)

My Story

I’ve loved every minute of this journey

An Idea Is Born

Super Integrative Wellness Coaching was creat​ed to empower individuals through a holistic approach to life.  This integrative approach involves a thought-provoking and creative process, and helps raise client's conscious awareness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This process empowers clients with self-knowledge and unleashes their unlimited ability to transform their lives, overcome core issues, fears, limiting beliefs and negatives emotions that block fulfillment. After a while, clients become self-generating and self-directing in major areas of life, including relationships, finances, career, health and personal growth. In the process, clients plan a life that is more satisfying and closer to their dream, their definition of purpose, balance and success.

Meet your Coach, Sophie

As your coach, I am also your tour guide, friend, supporter, advocate and ally in helping you become more self-aware, inspired, empowered and accountable so that you can achieve your life goals. Clients experience many Aha moments during our coaching sessions. Self-transformation begins with self-knowledge and awareness, and can thus be instant or gradual depending on my client's willingness and readiness for change and level of effort. I encourage my clients to be open-minded and patient with the process as they take baby steps to develop positive habits and mindsets to create the new reality they want for themselves.

Abo​ut Me

As a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, and the founder of Super Integrative Wellness Coaching, I have been committed to personal development for over 25 years. Along the way, I helped anyone who was willing to tell me their problems to overcome their difficulties. That's how passionate I am and have been about helping and empowering individuals. Then, at some point when things took a rather unexpected and challenging turn in my own life, I knew that I (the people's helper) needed help. Not just any help, but professional help. So I had the wisdom to turn to integrative wellness and coaching. Interestingly enough, I soon became my own first client! The rest was history. And, here I am even better equipped professionally to continue helping others through their struggles. I have been commended for my positive energy, creativity and genuine desire to see others overcome challenges and create value with their lives. 

Needless to say, my own personal development and transformation journey ​over the years in the areas of personal effectiveness and growth, career and finance, relationships, health and wellness, and work-life harmony, fiercely set me on this divine path to help others. Through my certification, I developed the professional skills, knowledge, tools and techniques that have proven effective in helping me bounce back, set my priorities right, regain self-value; practice self-care, health and wellness; strive for intentional relationships; stay energized and motivated; become financially literate, and enjoy an improved quality of life, overall.  All of these areas continue to shape my happiness, success and fulfillment. This is a never-ending journey of raising consciousness and improving the mind, body and spirit to continue to strive purposefully and creatively. 

Nothing makes me happier than helping others remove limiting beliefs and negative blocks from their lives, and seeing them gain clarity of vision and the sheer determination to go after their dreams. My transformation and that of each and every client I have helped is a testament to the fact that tough times don't last but tough people do.  And, sometimes you just need to get that help... in order to bounce back fiercely.

So what struggle are you facing in your life right now? Talk to me; and remember that there is a strategy for every challenge in your life. 

Your life is worth living confidently and purposefully; therefore, it is worth the investment to get you back on your feet mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. So call NOW and let's get to work on your goals. 

Wishing you freedom, growth and joy!


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